People question why we wear brands, and say that by wearing them we are being superficial? To us this is not the case.

If I walk into a store and see a plain t-shirt for R35.00 and a popular brand name t-shirt on sale for only R50.00, most of us are much more likely to buy the brand name t-shirt because we know we are paying for good quality product from a reliable company. We as people have a mind-set that these high end companies ensure the greatest quality.

Wearing branded clothing gives a positive impression of you to other people, you automatically seem that little bit better. Brand name clothing is designed to appeal to people. Brand name products bring us good quality merchandise, confidence in ourselves and great looking items. That certainly sounds worth it to me.

Our brand of clothing at BEAR is definitely something to look into for a person obsessed with quality. With designs made for everyone men and women you are bound to find something you love.